• lambs born this morning

    Website updates, Mr Christmas and lambs

    We are now using joomla 3.2 for all our new sites and in time we will upgrade those who are in 2.5 as most components (apps) templates, modules are 3.2 compatible and its worth doing a l ...

  • toytree

    joomla hosting, favicon, links and photo of the week

    Greetings Its been a busy week with work on various websites and a new cf10ten joomla build which will save several days of work in installing for new customers and of course money. Our new build com ...

  • garden seating and view

    Website and Wedding Photography

    Photos are an important part to any website and a way to grab someones attention. As well as developing customers websites we often take photos for clients and also provide a host of local community p ...

  • cf10ten

    Update your joomla website

    Took three hours to do but our main website as you will see have been upgraded from 1.5 to the latest joomla version with a  latest yoo theme template. Of course the main reason is that joomla 1. ...

  • busy bees

    Use a good template

    One of the first things you tend of look at when creating a website is the template.  When I started in 1998 all I had was notepad and html which was good then came CSS and it became a lot better ...

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